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ENERGY RESOURCES MANAGMENT  Energy Resources Management, founded in 1992, has delivered millions of dollars in verified energy savings for hotel owners and operators throughout Asia. Where the objective is optimal energy costs, an in-depth...
Hotel-specific Energy Audits Energy audits identyfy where energy is being used and suggest cost improvement opportunities
LiveDATA Energy consumption monitoring service

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Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA)
Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) is an essential requirement for companies and will likely become necessary due to government legislation. No longer is it permissible for a company to look within its borders, but it must look at its overall environmental responsibilities and accurately gauge and measure carbon production and emission caused by its very ...
The Case for an Untethered Enterprise
Motorola, Inc.
In the beginning, there were wires. The traditional wired local area network included a separate voice and data wire for each user, and lots of switches all over the place. Next came wireless LANs, along with the wireless networking technology known as Wi-Fi. Initially, WLANs were comprised of “thick,” individually managed access points, providing limited coverage areas within the ...
RFID Integration for Enterprise Management Systems
Fluensee, Inc
Infinite Integration: Unlocking the Value of Enterprise Asset Management through Technology Integration RFID, GPS, sensor, and other auto-ID technologies promise to revolutionize enterprise asset management systems (EAMSs) by efficiently providing real-time, physical asset tracking, locationing and monitoring. With the right technology, asset location and status tracking can be automated in ...
Lessons Learned: American Electric Power Enterprise Risk Management
American Electric Power was a best-practice partner in APQC's benchmarking study Risky Business II: Enterprise Risk Management as a Core Management Process. This summary highlights the processes and lessons learned at American Electric Power during the implementation of the enterprise risk management system
Enterprise Software that Contributes to the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Apptricity Corporation
The Pressure to be Green It's no secret that U.S. companies are facing great pressure to deal with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, or carbon footprint. Responsible for over 80% of the carbon footprint of the United States, businesses and agricultural entities cannot delay their response to climate change, particularly in light of new “cap-and-trade” legislation which is just around the corner. ...

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Introducing iTesso - Enterprise Lodging System Document iTesso - Enterprise Lodging System
eFACiLiTY - Enterprise Facilities Management Software eFacility Introduction of eFACiLiTY a Web based Facilities Management Software covering Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management ...
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