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Bathtub Refinishing
Surface Specialists Systems
Refinishing is one of the best and most cost effective options when the bathtub, shower or sink finish is worn, a color change is desired, or damage is scattered over the entire surface. Our Refinishing can be applied to almost any surface; fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain or steel bathtubs are easily done. We complete bathtub refinishing in approximately four to five hours and you may begin using ...
Energy Management in the Hospitality Industry
Best Hotel Products, Inc
According to the EPA, the hotel industry spends over $5 billion on energy, and that number continues to increase. Advances in technology and a well-planned approach to systems design, can yield a substantial decrease in energy consumption – with that decrease comes significant additional savings in energy costs. Explore some of the aspects involved in mapping out an energy management ...
The Time to Renovate is Now!
Best Hotel Products, Inc
WHY IT PAYS TO UPGRADE FURNITURE OR RENOVATE DURING A SLOW ECONOMY With almost 30 years of marketing experience under my belt, there is one lesson I have learned over and over again…packaging sells! Whether your product is a hotel, motel or a pack of chewing gum, appearance is everything! It doesn't matter what kind of economy we’re in, if your hotel or property doesn't meet with your guests ...
PlaceCardHolders2Go Document
How To Organize Reception Events with Place Card Holders Organizing banquet dinners, holiday parties and wedding receptions can be immense tasks. Hosting an affair of this magnitude usually entails strategically seating guests in a professional yet timely manner. Oftentimes, directing customers, guests or attendees to the proper locations in bustling settings is difficult. Some party planners ...
Predator MDC
Predator Software Inc
This paper outlines the specific features and benefits of implementing Predator MDC software to collect and analyze real-time shop floor data from CNCs, PLCs, BCRs, and shop personnel for manufacturers worldwide. Predator MDC can be configured to address the unique requirements of each manufacturer with an off the shelf shrink- wrapped software based solution. Every feature, menu, toolbar button ...

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Concept Amenities Concept Amenities Our mission is to create “Naturally better guest experiences”, through our guest amenities, by combining the highest quality ingredients, with unique ...
Concept Amenities Concept Amenities In an effort to help educate Hoteliers about the process of biodegradation and showcase why reducing landfill excess should be incorporated into ...

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