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Laundry Solutions for your Hospitality Laundry
Continental Girbau Inc.
Discover more about Continental laundry solutions for hotels, resorts and casinos. Boost laundry programmability, quality and productivity using less labor, energy and water. At Continental Girbau Inc., we work to perfectly fit laundry equipment to the unique production, space, labor, workflow and energy needs of our clients in the hospitality industry. Our expansive product offering including ...
Thermal printing improves Pharmacy
Higher demand, a pharmacist shortage, and limited space have pharmacies looking for more efficient ways to generate prescriptions and better serve their customers. Higher demand means pharmacy workers must process more prescriptions while keeping error to a minimum. Find out how utilizing barcode printers and scanners can drastically reduce errors and increase workflow capacity.
Mobile Property Management
WebRezPro Property Management System
From front desk to front door: The benefits of mobile hotel property management go beyond operational convenience and efficiency to greater guest satisfaction and more revenue.
Avon Case Study
JDA Software Group
Avon Delivers Beauty Around the World with the Support of JDA Software Solutions Description Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and personal care products. “The particular benefit of the JDA software was the advanced planning and distribution functionalities, along with its built-in flexibilities. This allowed us to meet the needs of many different types of Avon markets in one ...
Wireless... Now!
Pegasus Network Services, Inc.
The proliferation of mobile and other wireless devices has put a lot of pressure on existing wireless infrastructure. Customer and user expectations have created the need to improve or replace original systems at an ever increasing rate. The bottom line is that when these expectations are not met, customers will find facilities where it does.

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JDA - The Supply Chain Company JDA Software Group
WebRezPro PMS: For Vacation Rentals WebRezPro Property Management System WebRezPro is a powerful and affordable Cloud-based property management system designed to meet the front- and back-office needs of hotels and other ...

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