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Westin Riverwalk Cuts Laundry Water Usage: Captures Rebates
Continental Girbau Inc.
The Westin® Riverwalk Hotel reinvented its on-premise laundry to save 300,000-350,000 gallons of water per month. The remake involved the removal of water-guzzling washers for more efficient Continental Girbau models and a complementing water reclamation system.
Home Infatuation: Installing Deck Tiles
Home Infatuation
Where to Install Ipe wood deck tiles can be laid on most hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, paving, tiles, asphalt etc either indoors or outdoors in protected or unprotected locations. To ensure trouble free installation and long service life, the surface must be as firm and even as possible with no major irregularities or depressions. In exterior situations, the underlying surface should ...
Bear Creek Mountain Resort Case Study
Bear Creek Mountain Resort Raises the Bar with Miele Crisp linens in guest rooms are an absolute must in conveying elegance and excellence at any resort. That's why management at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center, in scenic Berks County, PA raised the bar and invested in a Hotel Manager Rebecca Day says the former 52 room facility was expanded last year, with a construction ...
Why Implement a Guest Service Call Center
Tired of Fighting Fires? Proactive Hotel Managers Implement Guest Call Centers to Deliver Outstanding Service, Save Thousands of Dollars Jack Zimmer's cross-country trip to meet with his best client in New York City could not have been much worse. After beginning his trip in Seattle, he missed his connecting flight in Chicago. By the time he finally reached his Manhattan luxury hotel after ...
Wireless... Now!
Pegasus Network Services, Inc.
The proliferation of mobile and other wireless devices has put a lot of pressure on existing wireless infrastructure. Customer and user expectations have created the need to improve or replace original systems at an ever increasing rate. The bottom line is that when these expectations are not met, customers will find facilities where it does.

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Speed Wash Laundry Continental Girbau Inc. Speed Wash Laundry -- "the fastest wash in the west" -- is sandwiched between a discount clothing store and Cardenas Market in Riverside, Calif. In full ...
Caravita Home Infatuation Big Ben is the ultimate solution for commercial use. The solid aluminum frame includes a center mast diameter of 84mm/3" with 5mm wall thickness and ...

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