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1to1 Marketing Kimpton uses GuestWare
Kimpton Gives Class to Its Customer Strategy Page 1 of 3 1to1 Magazine 02/27/2006 Issue: March 2006 People: Mila D'Antonio Kimpton Gives Class to Its Customer Strategy case study Two years ago Renee George went knocking on the door of Kimpton Hotels CEO of Kimpton Real Estate Mike Depatie's House. George was drawn to the San Francisco–based company because of its reputation for promoting ...
A True Story... Needing HD
Pegasus Network Services, Inc.
Prior to renovation projects, qualified assessments of television, data, and voice networks are critical to realize optimal project efficiencies and long term opportunities. Read a real case study that outlines what key considerations are critical when planning technology upgrades aimed at maximizing guest experience while reducing any potential down-time risks.
Driving Success in Automotive
JDA Software Group
In the “new normal” landscape of the global automotive industry, both OEMs and suppliers are struggling to manage a number of increasingly complex challenges: • continuing DemAnD uncertAintY as consumer confidence ebbs and flows • ongoing cost pressures that force gLoBAL inventorY reDuctionS • A shift from regional models to SeLL AnYWHere, BuiLD AnYWHere, Source AnYWHere supply chain designs • ...
J&D Pharmacy Case Study
Serving customers since 1979, J & D Pharmacy is more than just a prescription fulfillment center. J & D pharmacy is an early adopter of pharmacy technology to improve the customer experience. J & D Pharmacy strives for excellence in its products, services and customer satisfaction. between two technician stations in order to achieve maximum efficiency. J & D Pharmacy has been in business for ...
Cloud PMS: A Case Study - The Montecito Inn
WebRezPro Property Management System
LANDMARK HOTEL STREAMLINES BUSINESS WITH WEBREZPRO™ CLOUD- BASED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM THE MONTECITO INN is a very busy property. With a yearly occupancy of approximately 80 percent, hotel staff are continuously kept on their toes, especially during the peak summer season. Management’s primary goal is to increase monthly revenue from year to year, and to do so, improving guest satisfaction ...

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Enterprise Quality Management IBS America, Inc.
WebRezPro Cloud Property Management System: Introduction WebRezPro Property Management System WebRezPro is a powerful and affordable Cloud-based property management system designed to meet the front- and back-office needs of single independent ...

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