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Retirement Home Cuts Microfiber Mop Head Cleaning and Prep Process by 65% with MopGiant™
Retirement Home Cuts Microfiber Mop Head Cleaning and Prep Process by 65% with MopGiant™ Francis Glynn, Director of Environmental Services for the Lebanon Valley PA says he has cut his microfiber mophead wash, prep, and storage process by two thirds. . . driving considerable efficiencies in housekeeping at this 80 acre continuing care facility. "Before installing the MopGiant™, we were washing ...
Home Infatuation: ECODECK
Home Infatuation
Industrial or commercial grade deck tiles in a perfect square or rectangle. Custom sizes can be built to order.
Wireless... Now!
Pegasus Network Services, Inc.
The proliferation of mobile and other wireless devices has put a lot of pressure on existing wireless infrastructure. Customer and user expectations have created the need to improve or replace original systems at an ever increasing rate. The bottom line is that when these expectations are not met, customers will find facilities where it does.
Why Implement a Guest Service Call Center
Tired of Fighting Fires? Proactive Hotel Managers Implement Guest Call Centers to Deliver Outstanding Service, Save Thousands of Dollars Jack Zimmer's cross-country trip to meet with his best client in New York City could not have been much worse. After beginning his trip in Seattle, he missed his connecting flight in Chicago. By the time he finally reached his Manhattan luxury hotel after ...
Cloud PMS: A Case Study - Dunton Hot Springs
WebRezPro Property Management System
DUNTON HOT SPRINGS: A PERFECTLY-RESTORED GHOST TOWN NEAR TELLURIDE, CO ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESORT SEEKS FLEXIBLE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM THAT MANAGES GROUPS, ACTIVITY BOOKINGS AND COMPLEX PACKAGES. DUNTON HOT SPRINGS is an exceptional property. Set deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies, this former mining town is now an exclusive resort, mingling luxury with the village’s ...

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WebRezPro PMS: For Hostels WebRezPro Property Management System WebRezPro is a powerful and affordable Cloud-based property management system designed to meet the front- and back-office needs of hotels and other ...
Rotary Ironer from Miele Miele

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