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DAYSPA Investigates: Up In Flames
Miele Professional
Is your laundry room a fire hazard? Here’s how to assess your risk and set up protocols to prevent your property—and profits—from going up in smoke.
Home Infatuation: ECODECK
Home Infatuation
Industrial or commercial grade deck tiles in a perfect square or rectangle. Custom sizes can be built to order.
A True Story... Needing HD
Pegasus Network Services, Inc.
Prior to renovation projects, qualified assessments of television, data, and voice networks are critical to realize optimal project efficiencies and long term opportunities. Read a real case study that outlines what key considerations are critical when planning technology upgrades aimed at maximizing guest experience while reducing any potential down-time risks.
1to1 Marketing Kimpton uses GuestWare
Kimpton Gives Class to Its Customer Strategy Page 1 of 3 1to1 Magazine 02/27/2006 Issue: March 2006 People: Mila D'Antonio Kimpton Gives Class to Its Customer Strategy case study Two years ago Renee George went knocking on the door of Kimpton Hotels CEO of Kimpton Real Estate Mike Depatie's House. George was drawn to the San Francisco–based company because of its reputation for promoting ...
Reliable and integrated system for emergent business
Hotelogix Property Management and Distribution System
Reliable and integrated system for emergent business A Case Study of Playa Karolia, North Columbia Luxury and nature defines Hotel Playa Koralia, situated in Santa Marta, North Colombia. An exotic boutique resort with 19 private bungalows on a secluded stretch of the Caribbean Riviera, Koralia enjoys immense popularity among Latin American celebrities such as pop star Shakira and model Natalia ...

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Miele Professional Company

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Guest Experience Management Guestware The industry's most robust and flexible guest experience management system.
Miele Washing Machines - Proof of quality - Door impact test (W 1000) Miele Professional Mieles W1000 Washing machines Door impact testing video

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Pegasus Network Services, Inc. Hotel
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