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Turning Guest Problems into Opportunities
Turning problems into opportunities: Guest response systems provide the data needed to eliminate defects, improve processes and increase guest satisfaction Manufacturing companies such as General Electric Co. and Motorola Inc. have used Six Sigma—the crème de la crème of total quality management programs—for years. The central idea behind Six Sigma is that if one can measure how many defects ...
Home Infatuation: ECODECK
Home Infatuation
Industrial or commercial grade deck tiles in a perfect square or rectangle. Custom sizes can be built to order.
Today's Hotel PMS
WebRezPro Property Management System
Property management systems (PMSs) have become indispensable tools in the challenging world of hotel management. From reservations to administration (and these days, often beyond), PMSs are designed to manage the operations of a complex hotel environment efficiently. And, as we know, efficiency is the key. Without it, quality guest service and profits tend to check out early. A PMS is not an ...
Laundry Solutions for your Hospitality Laundry
Continental Girbau Inc.
Discover more about Continental laundry solutions for hotels, resorts and casinos. Boost laundry programmability, quality and productivity using less labor, energy and water. At Continental Girbau Inc., we work to perfectly fit laundry equipment to the unique production, space, labor, workflow and energy needs of our clients in the hospitality industry. Our expansive product offering including ...
A True Story... Needing HD
Pegasus Network Services, Inc.
Prior to renovation projects, qualified assessments of television, data, and voice networks are critical to realize optimal project efficiencies and long term opportunities. Read a real case study that outlines what key considerations are critical when planning technology upgrades aimed at maximizing guest experience while reducing any potential down-time risks.

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Miele Heat Pump tumble dryer Miele The Miele heat pump dryer at a glance Eliminates expensive vent ducting - the condensation is eliminated through the floor drain. StreamClean technology ...
Caravita Home Infatuation Big Ben is the ultimate solution for commercial use. The solid aluminum frame includes a center mast diameter of 84mm/3" with 5mm wall thickness and ...

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